Our Services

When fulfilling manpower requirements, we carry out interviews locally and submit short-listed applications to the Principals for evaluation. If so desired, a representative from the Principal may conduct the final interviews in Colombo. We usually ensure that an expert from the relevant industry also attends our interviews, in order to maintain a high standard of professional evaluation. Unless Principals demand otherwise or special circumstances warrant, interviews are usually carried out at our office premises. We also posses Web Cam enabled Interview rooms, Whereby online Interviews could be conducted.

We assure principals that all our transactions are professional and strictly in accordance with regulations lay down by the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE). Further More we do following below Services;

» Expand the foreign employment opportunities for Sri Lankans.
» Provide advisory services on manpower industry and enter into agreements with foreign parties for procurement and supply of manpower services to promote and formalize recruitments.
» Undertake orientation and training to upgrade skills of employment seekers to satisfy the demand of foreign markets.
» Introduce effective administration system to continue smooth implementation of the activities entrusted with the organization.
» Maintain a better financial discipline and audit system to ensure transparency.
» Availability of accurate information – online access to build up contacts with institutional organizations and job markets.

Also Following are the advantages you will gain by using our www.jobadvisor.lk Job site.

1. Easy Access
2. Time saving
3. Get everything you require
4. Quality assured
5. Large Network
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